Environmental reports

The Planungsgemeinschaft LaReG develops environmental reports, according to § 2 para. 2 and § 2a sentence 2 No. 2 of the Town and Country Planning Code (BauGb), describes and assesses the result of the environmental audit in the course of the procedure for the draw up of site construction plans.

The invironmental report gives information about the objectives of environmental protection as well as an adequate statement of prospective environmental impacts of a land use or plan development plan also in consideration of planning alternatives. Demonstrated are particularly measures to avoid, decrease or compensate adverse effects of the urban land use planning.

Project selection

Umweltbericht zum B-Plan 350 Stadt Aurich (2023)
Landkreis Aurich
Umweltbericht B-Plan 350 Stadt Aurich (2022)
Landkreis Aurich
Umweltbericht zur Teilflächennutzungsplanänderung Windenergie (2021)
Stadt Lhrte
Umweltbericht B-Plan Bahnhof Salzgitter-Thiede (2021)
Stadt Salzgitter